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Year 2

Meet the Teacher Meeting - Autumn 2022

Meet the Teacher - Year 2 Autumn 2022 

End of Year Expectations

These 'End of Year Expectations' show you the age-related expectations for the end of each year group. In their summer report, your child will be assessed as Working towards the expected standard (WTS); Working at the expected standard (EXS) or Working at Greater depth within the expected standard (GDS). 

Copies of these targets are kept at the back of each child's Maths and English books, and their progress through the year is tracked on these sheets. They are ticked off when evidence of them has been seen within the work that they are producing independently in class. 

Year 2 - Maths 

Year 2 - Reading 

Year 2 - Writing   

By the end of the year your child should be able to spell the words show on the list below. The handout also provides some strategies for practising and learning these at home. 

Year 2 - Common Exception Words  


Spelling Lists

Year 2 - Big Challenge Booklet - Summer 1

Year 2 - Big Challenge Booklet - Spring 2

Year 2 - Big Challenge Booklet A - Spring 1

Year 2 - Big Challenge Booklet B - Spring 1

Year 2 - Autumn 

Maths Challenges