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Worship Round Up

Friday 7th June 2024

Our weekly round-up aims to support our parents in the conversations that they are having at home with their children. Each week, we will share the themes of each of our worships and any resources that we have been using, such as: videos, books and music, to allow our parents to access these if they wish to. Our weekly worship is structured in the following way: 

  • Monday Worship Focus: Values Focus led by Mrs Evans who revisits one of our core values — Commitment, Courage and Love. 
  • Tuesday Worship Focus: ‘Earth Heroes’ led by class teachers;
  • Wednesday Worship Focus: ‘What’s happening in the world this week?’ led by Mrs Griffin and focusing on key events that are taking place in the world currently;
  • Thursday Worship Focus: Singing led by Mrs Walker;
  • Friday Worship Focus: Celebration led by a member of the senior leadership team to celebrate the team points winners for the week and achievements from both inside and outside school with the pupils.

 Tuesday's Worship

The Importance of 'Hope'

In worship on Tuesday, Suzi from Insight led us through our Bible focus for the week. We began by looking at the story of Jesus healing an official's son from John 4:34-54. It was interesting how this man had heard of Jesus's arrival in Galilee, he instantly went to him and begged him to heal his son. Suzi explained to us how this tells us something about what the man thought Jesus was. The man recognised that Jesus was the Son of God and because of that he went running and he begged him. The man didn't go to one of Jesus's disciples but instead went to Jesus and this showed that he had hope in Jesus. One child in Year 5 commented that they were surprised by the man's belief that Jesus could heal his son even though Jesus was nowhere near the son at the time. We talked about the word hope and how important it is to have hope and to hope in people or in things.  

Wednesday's Worship

Remembering D-Day

Today in worship we focused on the anniversary of D-Day. We listened to the announcement that was made in 1944 on the wireless - we picked out some of the keywords that we heard like 'allies' and discussed what these meant. We also heard an account from someone who was just 7 at the time. During his account, he explained that his mother had told him on that day that she wanted him to remember that day for the rest of his life! We reflected on why she said this to him and why it is so important for this day to be marked every year - even 80 years on. The children made reflections such as: 'People knew the war was nearly over', 'It is important to pass the story down for us all to remember', 'People gave their lives to protect others', 'It is a reminder of the strength that we can have when we work together with others (as allies...)'. We closed worship with prayers led by Josie, Madesewa and Izzy focusing on hope, thanks and helping one another. 

Thursday's Worship


In our singing worship, we learned a new song: 'Praise' by Elevation Worship. The song opens with Psalm 150:6: "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord."  We talked about how praise means glorifying God and lifting His name. 

Friday's Worship

During Friday's worship, we shared the team points winners for the week - Year 1 for the class winners and Sapphires for the team points - awarded the 'hot chocolate awards' given for demonstrating love in our actions and celebrated some of our pupils' achievements from outside of school. This linked into our worship earlier in the week we reflected on this question: "What are your hopes for yourself and our community for the future?" We closed our worship with prayers led by the children.