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Worship Round Up

Friday 26th April 2024

Our weekly round-up aims to support our parents in the conversations that they are having at home with their children. Each week, we will share the themes of each of our worships and any resources that we have been using, such as: videos, books and music, to allow our parents to access these if they wish to. Our weekly worship is structured in the following way: 

  • Monday Worship Focus: Values Focus led by Mrs Evans who revisits one of our core values — Commitment, Courage and Love. 
  • Tuesday Worship Focus: ‘Earth Heroes’ led by class teachers;
  • Wednesday Worship Focus: ‘What’s happening in the world this week?’ led by Mrs Griffin and focusing on key events that are taking place in the world currently;
  • Thursday Worship Focus: Singing led by Mrs Walker;
  • Friday Worship Focus: Celebration led by Mrs Gnanasri to celebrate the team points winners for the week and achievements from both inside and outside school with the pupils.

Monday's Worship

What Makes a Team Work?

In worship on Monday, we focused on 1 Thessalonians 5:11: "Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing." Mrs Evans set some pupils and adults a team challenge and we observed what we saw them doing in order to complete it. We talked about: listening, working together and looking at one another as some examples. We then looked at an image of a flock of geese and considered how they work together - we particularly focused on how they each take turns in leading the pack and the fact that when the leader becomes tired, the others support and encourage them. We talked about all of the members of our school 'team' and how we can be a good team member and ended by considering the difference between 'leaners' and 'lifters' (those that rely on others and those that 'lift' others) and the importance of playing our part within our school team. We closed worship with a prayer and by singing 'Our God is a Great Big God'. 

 Tuesday's Worship

On Tuesday Insight led worship. The worship was focussed on retelling the Old testament story of Daniel and the fire. As a school there was an opportunity to reflect on following God's rules and remaining obedient to him even at times of challenge. We also considered how like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego that God is always with us and wants to protect us. 



Wednesday's Worship

 On Wednesday we celebrated the London Marathon as part of what's going on in the world this week. We shared images of how inclusive it is and the attributes that runners had demonstrated including resilience and determination. A number of our pupils had taken part in the mini marathon and they shared with the school what it felt like to do so, both before and after the race. Other pupils were able to share the charities they were running for including; Shooting Stars and WWF. We are very proud of them. We had a whole school warm up and considered whether this is something we would like to take part in in the future. We talked about the importance of making a change as a collective group with parents and members of the crowd encouraging us. 

Thursday's Worship


On Thursday, in singing worship, we learned the next part of the round, Dona Pacem. We discussed how beautiful we sound together when everybody sings their part strongly and confidently. We linked this to Mrs Evans's assembly on teamwork: every part is equally important and the team sounds fantastic when the different parts work well together. We also sang Living and Learning.

Frday's Worship

During Friday's worship, Mrs Gnanasri shared the team points winners for the week, awarded the 'hot chocolate awards' given for demonstrating love in our actions and celebrated some of our pupils' achievements from outside of school. She also checked in on the progress that our classes have made in the 'Path to Paris' challenge. Well done to Year 4 who are currently in the lead!