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Expectations and General Information

Start of the Day

The gates are opened at 8:45am and close at 8:55am.

Reception, Year 1, 2 and 3 enter the school via the Garden Gate (to the left of the main office). Reception children may be accompanied to the classroom, by their parents, but we ask that all other children walk through the gate and enter the building independently. Any messages for the class teacher can be given to the member of staff on the gate.

Years 4, 5 and 6 children are to be brought to the Back Gate (to the right of the main office) where they will be greeted by a member of staff. They walk through the gate and enter the building independently. Their class teachers will be waiting to greet them in the classroom. Any messages for the class teacher can be given to the member of staff on the gate.

Any children arriving after 8:55am should enter the school via the main office and be signed in by their parents.

End of the Day

School finishes at 3:10pm. Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 will be collected from the external door by their classroom. Parents enter the site via the ‘green garden gate’. Year 5 and Year 6 parents may enter via the ‘back, black gate’ to collect if they are not collecting from other year groups. We run a one way system at the end of the day, so parents and children make their way round and leave by the back gate.

Year 6 children may walk home on their own if there is a form on record at school signed by their parents (link to form below). If they are attending events which finish after 4pm, parents will be required to collect.

Children in KS2 may be collected by an older teenage sibling if there is a form on record at school signed by their parents (link to form below).

Y6 Walking to School Permission Form

Sibling Collection Permission Form

Wrap Around Care

Breakfast and after-school club is provided by SCL (see quick links). Children attending breakfast club can be signed in from 7:30am and should be dropped off at the main office.

After-school club begins at 3:10pm and children can join at 4:15pm if they have an extra-curricular club at school. Children must be collected by 5:45pm and are collected via the Back Gate.

SCL - Wraparound Care

Booking wraparound care

Mobile Phones

Only Year 6 children are permitted to bring mobile phones to school. These must be handed into the office at the start of the day. Parents are not permitted to use their mobile phones on the school site or during school trips.


Dogs are not permitted on our school site.

Attending Class Assemblies and Performances

We welcome parents, carers and other relatives to attend class assemblies and performances. During class assemblies, we ask that parents with younger siblings accompanying them do their best to avoid siblings causing a distraction by making a lot of noise. Please remove them from the hall in so that children can be heard clearly and to avoid disrupting the performance.

For nativity, we offer one performance where younger siblings are welcome and one for adults only. We ask that parents respect this and do not attend the adults only performance with younger siblings.

After School Meetings

We invite children to attend parents’ evening meetings to be involved in the conversations about their learning. Other after school meetings, such as ‘Meet the Teacher’ are not appropriate for children to attend, so we ask that parents make other arrangements. We always aim to give as much notice as possible, but we are unable to provide a crèche for children and ask that parents respect the adults only policy during these meetings.  

Home-School Agreement

We ask parents to sign the Home-School Agreement (see link below) at the start of their child’s time at St Paul’s. This outlines the expectations for parents alongside the commitment that we make as a school.

19-20 Home School Agreement

No Nut Policy

Like many schools, we have adopted a ‘no nut policy’ in order to lower the risk for all members of our community. This means that we expect all breaktime snacks and lunchtime foods to be free from nuts – this includes products such as Nutella, which is often used in sandwiches. This policy is also followed by the provider of our lunchtime meals.


Swimming is part of our school curriculum. Years 1 - 6 have swimming lessons for half of every term which are compulsory. Reception class has swimming lesson throughout the summer term only. If a parent/carer wishes their child to be excused from a swimming lesson, they must provide a written note to school. Children will only be excused from lessons for medical reasons. If a parent/carer requests for their child to miss more than one swimming lesson during a half-term, their parent/carer will be asked to meet with the Headteacher to discuss this further. Children must wear swimming hats and verruca socks must be provided by parent/carer if needed (this is not seen as an acceptable reason to miss a lesson).