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Online Safety - Advice for Parents/Carers

There are many useful resources to provide information about how to keep your children safe online. Below are some resources for you to use at home with your children. Look out for information about our 'Online Safety' events, working in collaboration with the local secondary schools. 

Safer Internet Day 2024

Top Tips for Parents/Carers created by 'The Safer Internet Centre UK'

Top Tips for Parents/Carers of Under 7s

Top Tips for Parents/Carers

Creating a Balanced Digital Diet

Books to support parents and pupils in Year 5 and Year 6:        


Online Safety Presentation for Parents/Carers

When asked, the key things that young people said would help them to feel safe and supported in online use were:

1. Don’t wait for the crisis.

2. Don’t mention it once and think that’s enough.

3 .Don’t scare them with ‘the big talk’.

4. Don’t punish them before listening and understanding.

5. Don’t pretend these issues don’t exist and that your child is not involved.

6. Don’t leave your child unsupervised. You wouldn’t leave them alone in the park or the street, apply the same level of protection online.

(Ideas taken from ‘Young People’s Advice about Talking to Your Child about Sexual Harassment’ created by The Children’s Commissioner)

The overriding mesasage was: "It's never to early to begin these discussions." 

The presentation below gives our parents/carers further information and real-life examples of some of the concerns that have been reported within our own local community and gives advice about how to start conversations with your child about Online Safety.

Online Safety Presentation - February 2023 Conversation Starters

As a school, we recommend that children do not have access to their own phones before the age of 11 and even then this should be with careful monitoring by parents/carers. 

When using other online devices such as computers and iPads, we recommend that children are only using these in spaces where they are supervised and for limited amounts of time. 

If you would like further support with this, please contact Mrs Griffin or Mrs Evans via the school office: office@sph.rbksch.org 

Children's Commissioner Resources

Talking to Your Child About Online Sexual Harassment - A Guide for Parents

Talking to Your Child About Online Sexual Harassment Poster

Parent Guides to Specific Apps

Group Chats - A Guide for Parents

Sharing Photos Online - A Guide for Parents

Smartwatches - A Guide for Parents

WhatsApp - A Guide for Parents

Discord - A Guide for Parents

Netflix - A Guide for Parents

Roblox - A Guide for Parents

Tik Tok - A Guide for Parents

Online Safety with Apps - Parental Guidance

Keeping Your Child Safe Online

Childnet Supporting Young People Online - Parents' Guide

Childnet Family Agreement Example

Support for Parents with Online Safety

Keeping Children Safe Online - Parents' Guidance

In Safe hands - Safeguarding Magazine for Primary School Pupils Feb 21

Ofcom Advice: Protecting Your Children in a Digital World

National Online Safety - Information and Guides for Parents

Useful Websites for Parents

Internet Matters - Support for parents

Think U Know - Support for parents and children

"Ask the Awkward" - Videos to support parents in starting conversations with their child about subjects that may feel 'awkward'. 

Ask the Awkward - Parents and Carers Intro