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Year 2 Visit Chertsey Museum Visit

Year 2 took the coach to visit the Chertsey Museum. We dressed up in the clothes people would have worn when they went on holiday in the past. People had to pay money to get changed in a carriage and the carriage then took them into the water for a swim. It was considered rude to get changed in public and they had to wear a baggy swimming costume. Outside, we played some of the games people used to play on the beach and we also made shell pictures. We made our own Punch puppets like in the Punch and Judy show and we had some time to wander around the museum in our groups. Inside the museum, we looked at pictures of holidays from the past and made up our own stories about them. We learnt how ice cream was made in the past when they didn’t have freezers. Ice cream was very expensive so they could only buy a little bit and it made people poorly because they licked it and then they gave it back and germs were still left. We had a lot of fun!​


Year 2 Chertsey