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World Book Day 2023

World book day was celebrated this week at St Pauls by the visit of two amazing authors!


In KS2, Jenny Pearson shared her inspirational writing journey with us in an assembly. She outlined how she drew her inspiration from those around her including the staff and children at her school as she is also a part time teacher. Children were able to see how Jenny used some of her own classes' interests in her book 'The Miraculous Journey of Freddy Yates' where two children go on an epic adventure. Jenny talked about how each of her characters are often in search of happiness but end up finding it in themselves through their unique journeys. One of Jenny's newest books is called the Record Smashers and she shared with us some wacky world record facts! We then attempted our own world record of who could put the most pairs of socks on in 30 seconds and we narrowly missed the world record! Each KS2 class completed an author's workshop creating their own hero with a unique journey to find happiness too. 


Zanna Davidson - author of the Monsters in the Dark series - visited all KS1 classes to conduct a writer’s workshop where she was able to inspire the children to create their own monster to write about. Each child was given the opportunity to create an adventure for their newly created monster using a comic book style format and share them with Zanna. Zanna loved hearing the children’s creative descriptions and illustrations.