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Southborough Scientists Visit

Today we were lucky enough to be visited by Dr White and her team of Scientists from Southborough high school. They started with an assembly on Women in Science before demonstrating some experiments that show chemical reactions. The children were really engaged and excited by each experiment, particularly when one experiment made a big 'bang' and another experiment showed how fireworks were made by using different materials with fire. 

Year 6 were then treated to a lesson on differentiation where they got to try their hand at a secondary school experiment. They considered controls and how to make it a fair test, then recorded their data and drew conclusions. 

All of the children had a fantastic time and were able to recount a lot of what they had learned.

We want to give a massive thank you to Dr White and the other Science teachers at Southborough high school for the time and effort they put in to the presentation today, one that the children will certainly remember for a long time to come!