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School Development Plan

Today in Collective Worship, Mrs Evans shared the school Development Plan with the children. Our key priorities for development this year are:


  • Provision of a coherently planned and sequenced curriculum, which enables children to achieve well in all subjects.
  • Ensure challenge, progress and attainment for more able learners.
  • Develop a community of life-long learners, which promotes positive learning behaviours.
  • Building cohesion within our community, where all members understand, appreciate, respect and celebrate difference, whilst recognising and celebrating the things we share in common.

Mrs Evans shared a visual representation of the develoepmtn plan with the children to explore the part that they will play in helping the school to develop further too. To see the visual representation of the School Development Plan, click here

There will be opportunities for the parents to be involved with our priorities during the year too, so look out for more information about these.