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Remembrance Day 2022

On Friday 11th November, the Year 6 class made their way over to St Paul's Church to join the Remembrance Service. The children have been learning about World War 2 during their history lessons and had prepared crosses to place in the ground with the names and dates of servicemen who lived in the local area and died while fighting in the war.



While over at the church, the children were fortunate enough to have the chance to speak to a veteran who actually fought in the second world war. He spoke with the children and showed them the medals that he was wearing. It was a special moment for the children, many of whom were visibly moved when presenting their crosses to be placed around the memorial in the churchyard. 


This year, we shared the experience with the Year 6 class from St Mary's Primary School and have started to consider how we might take part in other activities together in recognition of being part of one local community. 

As always, we were both impressed by and proud of the children in the way they carried themselves during the service. They were polite and showed respect at all times. This is an experience that we think they will remember for years to come.