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Making a Car Day for Science and D.T.

The children spent yesterday and today making a range of different cars. Each class had it's own brief, from Year 1 making their cars safe, to Year 6 working with electricity to make the cars go up a hill. The children really enjoyed following the instructions, using saws and measuring with a 'jib' to make the chasse of the car before decorating them to their own preferences. Each class then tested them to see if they had fulfilled the brief and considered ways to improve their models. We're all looking forward to our celebration assembly on Monday where we can show what each class has made and learn more about what how each year group has done something different.

 The briefs were:

Reception - make a basic car.

Year 1 - make the car safe enough for a teddy to travel in.

Year 2 - make the car strong enough to put weight on top.

Year 3 - use friction to slow the car as it goes down the ramp.

Year 4 - include headlights in the car.

Year 5 - create a wooden car and thing about aerodynamics.

Year 6 - create a wooden car that will go up a ramp.