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Black History Month

Over the past month, the school has been exploring key influential black role models as part of their Black History Month learning. All classes have explored a key figure across a range of career paths; the children have been very excited to discuss the legacy of all our chosen black role models and how they impact our lives today. Our chosen figures included: Benjamin Banneker (Reception), Sir Frank Bowling (Year 1), Matthew Henson (Year 2), Katherine Johnson (Year 3), Marcus Rashford (Year 4), Marie Maynard Daly (Year 5) and Amanda Gorman (Year 6). As a school, we considered how racism impacted our chosen figures and discussed the importance of their life achievements being both acknowledged and celebrated. Through our collective worships, we have been able to explore how unconscious bias contributes to prejudice too. Classes have shared their learning through excellent motivational speeches, art, writing, creative thinking and music. ​