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  • Wednesday 28 September 2022 Harvest Festival 2022 This morning, we held our Harvest Festival service in the school hall. The service was led by our Faith Reps, Head Boy and Head Girl, Luke and Mrs Griffin. They shared readings from the Bible and told the story of Ruth and Naomi. Our Reception chidlren also took part by bringing some of the food donations sent in by families to the Harvest Table. Once again we have had a fantastic response form our families who have given genrously. It was wonderful to be able to invite parents to join us this year and we had a large number of parents in attendance representing classes from across the school.
  • Wednesday 21 September 2022 Year 2 Holly Lodge Visit On Wednesday 21st September Year 2 had a school trip to Holly Lodge in Richmond Park. We have been learning about living things in Science and, at Holly Lodge, we searched under logs, in grass and in the ponds to find and identify living things and discuss why they are suited to their habitat. We also made our own habitats from leaves and logs and decided which living thing our habitat would be suitable for. Back at school we created a tally chart to record information to show how many living things we found in different habitats. ?
  • Tuesday 20 September 2022 Wake and Shake We were delighted to be able to reintroduce Wake and Shake on a Wednesday morning before school so that the whole school community have the opportunity to be involved in a 10 minute aerobics session to music, led by a staff member and our Year 6 pupils which enables our pupils to start their day energised and in a ‘state of readiness to learn’.
  • Monday 18 July 2022 School Games Mark Last week St. Paul's was awarded the Gold Mark for School Games for 2021-22. This recognised the commitment made by St. Paul's to provide excellent physical education for our pupils this year. The school had to meet a range of criteria: from the opportunities provided for the children to access extra-curricular sport at after-school clubs (and the popularity of these clubs); to the school's involvement in inter-school competitions and the inclusivity of the selection process (60% of the pupils in Key Stage 2 represented the school in competition); and the involvement of expert sports coaches to improve the children's technique (and to improve the teachers' level of expertise). The award also recognised the role of young leaders - and the excellent job that the Year 6 pupils did in organising and delivering an outstanding Sports Day for our Key Stage 1 pupils demonstrated how able our children are to show the School Games values in action. Well done to all the team!
  • Friday 15 July 2022 Year 1 1950s Day Year 1 have loved their 1950s school experience today. They had wonderful costumes and fantastic hair styles. When the children entered the classroom, all of the tables were in rows and had only a red book and a pencil on them to do all of their work in. The children were very excited to try joining up their handwriting. As a class, we practiced our addition and subtraction with a number line, joined up handwriting, and where to put capital letters. We had fun making paper lanterns and following along to 'music and movement' (a schools programme from the BBC from 1944!). The children had to be very well behaved as their teacher (1950s Miss Shaw) was very strict!
  • Tuesday 12 July 2022 Year 4 Sikh Gurdwara Visit On Tuesday 12th July Year 4 ventured to the Sikh Gurdwara in Southfields. The children learnt about what is means to be a Sikh and how Sikhs worship. The had a chance to enter the prayer hall and questions to Sikhs that worship there.
  • Friday 8 July 2022 Making a Car Day for Science and D.T. The children spent yesterday and today making a range of different cars. Each class had it's own brief, from Year 1 making their cars safe, to Year 6 working with electricity to make the cars go up a hill. The children really enjoyed following the instructions,using saws and measuring with a 'jib' to make the chasse of the car before decorating them to their own preferences. Each class then tested them to see if they had fulfilled the brief and considered ways to improve their models. We're all looking forward to our celebration assembly on Monday where we can show what each class has made and learn more about what how each year group has done something different.
  • Tuesday 5 July 2022 Year 1 Visit to Monument We were really happy to be able to complete our Monument trip today! We set off with our clipboards and lunchboxes and got to experience travelling on a train and the underground before finally arriving at the Monument. We had a chance to recap our learning about the Great Fire of London and learned why the monument is so tall and who designed it. We also learned about a pony that climbed all 311 steps to the top! We really enjoyed doing our observational drawings of both the Monument and St Paul's Cathedral and had a lovely lunch in the gardens at St Paul's before heading back to Bank to travel back to school. Miss Shaw was very impressed with our resilience with all of our walking. We were definitely exhausted at the end of the day!
  • Sunday 3 July 2022 Choir Singing at St Paul's Church On Sunday 3rd July our Choir and Worship Band were invited to perform at the church as part of the service. One of the children accompanied on the piano and the choir performed.
  • Monday 27 June 2022 Year 1 Synagogue Visit Year 1 were lucky enough to visit Kingston Liberal Synagogue on Monday. We were very excited for our first journey on public transport and were very sensible the whole way there and back. We loved seeing inside the Synagogue and learning all about the different parts. We learned that the Nir Tamid used to be a candle, but is now powered by electricity to make sure it never goes out, and that the Torah scrolls are kept in an 'Ark' because an Ark could transport things across the desert. It was really interesting to see that a Synagogue could be in any type of building, even in an old school! We got a bit wet on the way home but it just made us more excited for our trip to Monument next week!
  • Friday 24 June 2022 Year 5 & 6 Football On Wednesday 22nd June, children from Years 5 and 6 travelled to Our Lady Immaculate school to take part in a 'B-Team' football tournament. The team played fantastically well in the first game, offering a fantastic defensive performance to gain a draw. In the next game, the children were determined to get that goal that eluded them in the first game. They made their parents (and their teacher!) wait until the last few minutes of the game - scoring the winner in literally the last second of play to win the game 2-1!In the final game, the team went down 1-0 to a very strong Grand Avenue team. With a win, a draw and a loss, the team finished joint second overall. Well done to all of the boys who played, and thank you to Our Lady Immaculate for being excellent hosts.
  • Wednesday 22 June 2022 KS2 Sports Day 2022 We had a fantatsic KS2 Sports Day. There was a festival atmosphere and it was wondreful to have tha parents back to watch. Thank yu to Mr Leyden and Mr Bonfante for organising a fantastic event and thank you to all of the parents who supported us throughout the morning.
  • Tuesday 21 June 2022 Year 2 Wisley Gardens Visit Year 2 had a fantastic trip to Wisley this week. They were lucky enough to attend the education centre to complete insect week activities, using microscopes to observe real insects and completing craft tasks. They had a great time feeling, smelly and even tasting plants (vegetables) around the gardens and recorded their findings in their own mini booklets. The glasshouse was a favourite! They discovered pineapples and bananas growing and enjoyed the beautiful colours of the exotic plants.
  • Friday 17 June 2022 Southborough Scientists Visit Today we were lucky enough to be visited by Dr White and her team of Scientistsfrom Southborough high school. They started with an assembly on Women in Science before demonstrating some experiments that show chemical reactions. The children were really engaged and excited by each experiment, particularly when one experiment made a big 'bang' and another experiment showed how fireworks were made by using different materials with fire.
  • Friday 17 June 2022 Year 4 Littlehampton Visit Year 4 went to the beach to further study the coast line of the United kingdom. We went in the sea and observed how the tidecame in while we were on the beach. After a quick dip in the sea, we worked in groups to build fantasticsand castles. When the tide came in we saw the waves destroy our buildings and discussed erosion when we were at school. We saw many physical and human features of geography and finished the day with a Mr whippy bythe sea.A fantastic time was had by all!
  • Wednesday 15 June 2022 Girls Football Tournament On Wednesday 15th June, the Girls' First Team went to Our Lady Immaculate school to play a tournament against the hosts and Grand Avenue. The team showed some excellent passing and movement against Our Lady Immaculate and hit the post several times in a fantastic first half. Towards the end of the half, St. Paul's went ahead with a high shot. The second half saw more domination from St. Paul's and a great goal was scored. In the dying moments of the game, all of her remaining energy was used in a tremendous solo run and powerful strike that nearly burst the net! The game ended 3-0to St. Paul's.In the final game, St. Paul's faced a very strong Grand Avenue team. Once again, St. Paul's dominated proceedings but could find no way past the Grand Avenue keeper. Then, in the second half, the game ended 1-0 meaningSt. Paul's had won the tournament. Well done team!
  • Wednesday 15 June 2022 Year 6 Kwik Cricket Tournament On Wednesday 15th June, eight children from Year 6 travelled to the Kingston Grammar'sSports Fields to take part in the Borough Mixed Cricket Finals. The team played tremendously well to beat St. Matthew's and Malden Manor to finish top of their group. This meant they would head straight to the final to play Latchmere School. The children tried valiantly but ultimately fell short against a very strong Latchmere team. The result meant that the team finished second overall and received a medalfor their efforts.
  • Wednesday 8 June 2022 Poetry Workshops We had a wonderful 2 days working with David Mason ,creating wonderful poetry based on a range of topics. All classes had the privilege to work with David for an hour developing their imagery and descriptive language. Classes were able to use drama techniques with David to try and better understand personification. Childrenperformed to their classes and reviewed with their work with an actual poet! Most classes had the opportunity to watch David perform samples from his collection of work!
  • Thursday 26 May 2022 Platinum Jubilee Exhibition The children have been focusing on the Queen's reign in class this week. They produced some wonderful work which we shared during the exhibition after school and can be seen below. They were very proud of the writing, drawings and models that they created.
  • Thursday 26 May 2022 Platinum Jubilee Picnic We had a wonderful whole school picnic to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. It was fantastic to be out in the playground together to celebrate. We had a lovely time eating, dancing and playing together as a whole school community; we are already looking fora good reason to have another one!
  • Thursday 26 May 2022 Year 2 Theatre Workshop Today the Year 2's had a lovely visit from a time traveller. We all got aboard the time travelling boat and floated back into time to meet Christopher columbus. We learnt about how he became a captain and how he explored the islands off the coast of South America. We fastforwarded in time to Neil Armstrong, where learnt about how he became and astronaut and him being the first man on the moon. The year 2's loved the interactive lesson and being able to join in
  • Thursday 26 May 2022 Year 3 Stone Age Theatre Workshop On Wednesday Year 3 took an imaginary and creative trip back to the Stone Age courtesy of their very own time travelling visitor. They journeyed as far back as the Palaeolithic Period, taking the roles of hunters, gatherers and fishermen who built and dismantled their settlements as they looked for food. Then, they travelled forward to the Mesolithic and Neolithic Periods, examining the differences between the two and becoming farmers. Finally, in groups they prepared the stones to take to Stone Henge, pushing the heavy weights on imaginary rollers. It was a very exciting journey!
  • Wednesday 25 May 2022 Year 2 Mosque Visit On Wednesday the year 2 went on a trip to the Kingston Mosque as part of their RE they have been doing this half term. They enjoyed their bus trip to the Mosque were they watched how Muslims pray (make Salah). They also got to stand on the Mimbar and give their class mates a positive message as a Imam would do on a Friday and special occasions. They had a lovely interactive lessons where they were able to dress up into Muslim attire and practice writingsome Arabic letters. They were able to join in and wash certain parts of their body such as their face and handlike Muslims would do. The year 2's appreciated seeing a different place of worships as they learn to respect others cultural and spiritual believes.
  • Wednesday 25 May 2022 Reception Wisley Gardens Visit Reception had an amazing day at Wisley Gardens. They explored different plants and spotted lots of insects and birds. They had a great time feeling and smelling all of the edible plants in the World Food Garden and couldn't believe the size of the radishes and broad beans! We really liked exploring the new Nature Garden and had lots of fun climbing ropes, crawling through tunnels and exploring the sand and water area. The Glasshouse was a real treat and reception were overcome by the size, colours and shapes of the plants. We had a brilliant time meeting the ducklings and gosling, which seemed to be following us around!
  • Wednesday 25 May 2022 River of Hope Competition Winners
  • Friday 20 May 2022 STEM Assembly This morning we had a fantastic assembly led by Tom Athayde who is one of our school governors. He gave a presentation to the children all about the job of an engineer which was extremely inspiring. He talked about the skills that a successful engineer needs, but also looked at all of the supporting roles that are needed for large projects—not only people with a background in science and maths. The children had a chance to ask him some questions; we were very impressed by how thoughtful the questions were. We are looking forward to him visiting again.
  • Thursday 19 May 2022 Year 5 Mosque Visit On Thursday 19th May, Year 5 travelled to the Baitul Futuh Mosque in Morden. The children were greeted by Walid who welcomed them with crisps and juice (plus tea and cookiesfor the adults!) The pupils were then taken on a tour of the Mosque. Walid talked them through the history of the building, explaining that it was not only the largest mosque in Britain, but the largest mosque in the whole of western Europe! They were shown the prayer room at the top of the building and given an opportunity to test out the capabilities of the sound proof room alongside the women's prayer room. The children impressed with both their conduct and their ability to recall their learning about the Muslim faith.
  • Wednesday 18 May 2022 Year 3 Hindu Temple Visit On Wednesday Year 3 went to visit the Shree Ghanapathy Temple in Wimbledon. As soon we entered the temple, we could smell the incense burning. Later we learnt it was made from crushed, dried flowers. We saw the priest offering fruit to each deity in the beautiful shrines as he was chanting his prayers. We discovered that the statues of the Gods were made from either a special mix of precious metals or black granite. We found the temple very calming and peaceful. Towards the end of the visit we had the opportunity to dress in traditional clothing.
  • Friday 1 April 2022 Easter Cake Sale for Ukraine We managed to raise a fantastic £316.54 in our cake sale this afternoon that was raising funds for our identified charity USPG.
  • Thursday 31 March 2022 Whole School Book Club Whole School Book Club was a fantastic opportunity for us to share the wonderful books we've been reading and the outstanding projects completed based on each book title. Every group was able to discuss in detail their favourite parts of each book including the wonderful characters and settings explored! It was a fantastic chance to showcase and really share St Pauls' love of reading.
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