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Developing Addition, Subtraction, Mulitplication and Division

The overviews below show the way in which we approach the teaching of the four main mathematical operations. They give you some examples of the different vocabulary that is used (for example: sharing and grouping for division) and show some of the pictorial representations and physical resources that are used to support learning. 

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 Overview of Maths Strategies

In Key Stage 1, there is a focus on mental maths, with use of both physical resources and pictorial representations to support development of informal written methods to show understanding. 

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 Overview of Maths Strategies

In Key Stage 2, there is a focus on moving from infromal to more formal written methods with the aim of developing a short, efficient method for each operation which can be used to support children in more complex problem solving.  

Practical Activities to Support Maths Skills Development

  • Give your child a budget for the weekly/daily shops. Give them real money to use whilst shopping.
  • Ask your child to give you reminders throughout the day at different times, giving them an opportunity to practise reading the time on their analogue watch.
  • Spend time together cooking the family meal, giving the responsibility of weighing the ingredients to your child.

Maths Challenges

Maths challenges can be found for every year group on their year group information page and by clicking on the links below:

Year 1Year 2 Year 3 

Year 4 Year 5 Year 6