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Key Stage 1 Overview of Maths Strategies 

Key Stage 2 Overview of Maths Strategies 

Top Marks


Top Marks is a website full of exciting games to support learning at home.

National Numeracy Website


The National Numeracy website has lots of support materials, as well as practical resources to use at home.

The Family Maths Toolkit


The Family Maths Toolkit has an entire section which focuses on helping parents to support their child with maths.

Busy Things


Busy Things, from LGFL, has a comprehensive range of maths activities and games to support mathematical understanding. 

Suggested Activities

  • Give your child a budget for the weekly/daily shops. Give them real money to use whilst shopping.
  • Ask your child to give you reminders throughout the day at different times, giving them an opportunity to practise reading the time on their analogue watch.
  • Spend time together cooking the family meal, giving the responsibility of weighing the ingredients to your child.