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How should I structure my day?

  • Our staff have worked hard to produce an overview for the week with 4 suggested activities for each day. Remember that some activities will take longer than others. 
  • These are just a guideline, but you may find it useful to be working on some tasks at the same time as other families in your class in order to communicate about them and share ideas. 
  • Remember that activities can be started and then completed the following day - you can work through them at yours and your child's pace. 
  • Children need regular breaks and a chance to move around. Children in the infants may find it manageable to focus for 20/25 minutes at a time on an individual activity. Children in the juniors may be able to focus for 30-40 minutes when really engaged. 
  • Plan in physical breaks and opportunities to get outside in the middle of activities where possible - this is how we use the daily mile. 
  • Make sure that children have access to water or a drink when working and make time for regular snacks too. 
  • Plan in times in the day for them to have free choice - complete a puzzle, do some drawing, play a game, read a book etc...
  • Remember that activities can be started and then completed the following day - you can work through them at your child's pace. 
  • See the government 'stay at home' guidance:


Where can I find resources?

  • There will be resources posted daily on your year group's 'Home Learning' page. Here you will find the weekly overview too and the instructions about using 'Busy Things' and 'Spelling Shed'. 
  • There are other suggestions of resources on each curriculum page too. There are also some activity suggestions on these pages too. 
  • https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize is also an excellent resource for information about different subjects.

Where else can I get support?

  • If you have a question for your teacher you can email on: learners@sph.rbksch.org. Emails will be checked between 9am and 4pm. We will try our best to respond on the same day, but this will depend on the volume of emails that we are receiving. 
  • Look at the 'Frequently Asked Questions' page under the 'Home Learning' tab. We will put answers to questions that we are being asked repeatedly on here. Remember to check this page regularly. 
  • Use your 'Whats App' group. This is new territory for us all and we will learn many lessons as we go. Make use of our class page to share resources, ask questions and make suggestions.