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Recommended Resources

BBC Bitesize


Bitesize is the BBC's free online study support resource for school-age students. It has information, video clips, quizzes and other activities to deepen children's understanding of a subject. 

National Geographic Kids – History www.natgeokids.com/uk/category/discover/history/

National Geographic Kids is a children's magazine published by the National Geographic Society. The website can be used for research, quizzes and fun facts.  

DK Find Out!


This is a website for kids which allows them to research their own questions, what videos and complete quizzes about a variety of subjects. 

Oxford Owl


This website gives ideas for activities and experiences that you could use to support your child in developing their geographical skills and knowledge. 

Suggested Activities

  • Visit historical places, e.g. museums, castles, exhibitions at libraries, cathedrals etc.
  • Share and discuss photos, toys and other items from your childhood and your parents’ childhood.
  • Make a family tree. Look at the years in which people were born.