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  • What if I don't complete each activity every day?

The weekly overview has been set as a guide for you to follow. Households with more than one child living within them may find it difficult to get all of the tasks done each day - that is absolutely fine. Focus on tasks such as Mathletics or the workbooks which should be able to be a little less adult-led.

Remember - this is new for everybody and all households will approach it slightly differently. The health, safety and well-being of your family as a whole is what is most important at this time. Set yourself realistic goals each day and try not to compare yourself to what other families are doing. 

  • Why isn't my login working for 'Busy Things'?

Logging in to ‘Busy things’ can be difficult the first time. When you get to the log in screen, don’t click ‘log in as pupil’ instead click ‘Normal USO login’. The button can sometimes be at the side of the screen.