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Design & Technology (DT)

Recommended Resources

The design and technology Association


This is just a quick explanation about what the purpose of DT is and what is covered in schools.

The school run website


This website is for parents. It has clear explanation and has way in which to help your children with DT. This include mini project you can do at home together.

BBC Bitesize


This is a place where you can find videos, activities games and more! It has information about styles, techniques and how to use them yourself. Here you can find step by step guides and it’s all laid out in a child friendly way.

BBC GoodFood Website


This has a great bank of recipes suitable for children to make! Could you try cooking together at home?

Suggested Activities

  • Step Stool Chef Academy - This is a You Tube channel. The Step Stool Chef Academy is an online cooking school for kids that shares basic cooking techniques, tools, and tips that builds confidence and lifelong skills for your little chef. You can access this part without signing up.
  • Messy Hands - Kids Cooking - This is a place where you can find simple recipes for children to follow at home.