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It is widely accepted that physical inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle are bad for our health. It leaves children at risk of developing a range of adverse medical conditions during childhood and beyond into adulthood. This contrasts with those children who are physically active: they will generally have better blood sugar regulation, improved bone density, less body fat, lower blood pressure and improved arterial development.Evidence suggests that benefits go far beyond physical health. Regular physical activity, such as The Daily Mile, is essential for brain development, can help raise attainment and lead to improvements in social, mental and emotional health too, with participating children:

  1. Feeling that they are part of the group, building new relationships and developing existing friendships

  2. Showing improvements to their mood and having a greater sense of self-worth

  3. Feeling less anxious and being able to control their emotions better

The Daily Mile is a popular, simple initiative that sees children run or jog for 15 minutes every day in their school. The aim of The Daily Mile is to improve the physical, social, emotional and mental health and well-being of our children - regardless of age, ability or personal circumstances.

The Daily Mile Works!

  • It takes place in 15 minutes, with most children averaging a mile, or more, each day.
  • Children run outside in the fresh air – and the weather is a benefit, not a barrier.
  • There’s no set up, tidy up, or equipment required.
  • No staff training is needed and there is no extra workload for teachers.
  • Children run in their uniforms so no kit or changing time is needed.
  • It’s social, non-competitive and fun.
  • The children return to class ready to learn.
  • It helps to improve fitness and achieve a healthy weight.
  • It encourages children to be aware of their health.
  • It’s fully inclusive; every child, whatever their circumstances, age or ability, succeeds at The Daily Mile


In November 2019, we won the Kingston Borough Active Schools Daily Mile Award.