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Collective Worship

The daily act of Collective Worship is a legal requirement in all schools. In church schools this is Christian worship and reflects the traditions of the Church of England.

Pupils and teachers at St Paul's value the special dimension that worship brings to church school life.

Collective Worship at St Paul’s is an opportunity for the whole school to come together and reflect, express praise, share Christian values, celebrate special times throughout the year and foster respect and unity through spiritual awareness.

We begin each day with our collective worship, as a chance to come together as a whole school and set the tone for a productive and focused day ahead. 

Weekly Worship Round Up

Please see our new 'Weekly Worship Round Up'. This has been created to give an overview of the themes that we are exploring in worship each week and to share some of the resources that we have been using with the children too. It is uploaded to the website on Fridays so that parents/carers can use this to support conversations at home. 

Academic Year 2023/2024

Week 33 - Friday 7th June 2024 

Week 32 - Friday 24th May 2024 

Week 31 - Friday 17th May 2024  

Week 30 - Friday 10th May 2024 

 Week 29 - Friday 3rd May 2024 

Week 28 - Friday 26th April 2024 

Week 27 - Friday 19th April 2024  

Week 26 - Thursday 28th March 2024 

 Week 25 - Friday 22nd March 2024

Week 24 - Friday 15th March 

Week 23 - Friday 8th March 2024

Week 22 - Friday 1st March 2024

Week 21 - Friday 23rd February 2024 

Week 20 - Friday 9th February 2024

Week 19 - Friday 2nd February 2024

Week 18 - Friday 26th January 2024

Week 17 - Friday 19th January 2024

Week 16 - Friday 12th January 2024

Week 15 - Thursday 21st December 2023

Week 14 - Friday 15th December 2023

Week 13 - Friday 8th December 2023

Week 12 - Friday 1st December 2023

Week 11 - Friday 24th November 2023

Week 10 - Friday 17th November 2023

Other Contributors to Collective Worship

We have regular Collective Worships led by INSIGHT who also support with our delivery of RE throughout the year.

We also welcome other visitors, such as Kingston Peace Council and members of other faiths to lead Collective Worship during the year too.

Pupils are also given the opportunity to be involved in planning and delivering collective worship for their peers.