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Class Reps

Each year, we ask two parents from each class to volunteer to be 'Class Reps'. We have found this sytem works extremly well for our school to support us in getting vital messages out directly to classes, organise parent helpers for swimming, provide support from each class for the PSA and to provide a way for the class to communicate regularly with the school's leadeship team. We are very grateful to those parents who have put themselves forward to do this role to support their class and the school. If you are unsure who your Class Reps are, please check with the school office team. 

Class Rep Meeting with Mrs Evans and Mrs Griffin

Class Rep meetings tkae place half-termly with Mrs Evans and Mrs Griffin. These are a chance for the school and families to focus on two key questiosn:

1. What's working well?

2. What further support would we like?

There is also a representative from the PSA attending each meeting to answer families' questions about upcoming events. 

We find these meetings extremely valuable to consider what is going well for our community - it allows us to give positive feedback to our families and to our staff too. It also allows us to consdier things that could be changed or improved and there are always positive actions that come from the meetings. 

Minutes from previous meetings can be found below and the dates of upcoming meetings can be found on the calendar on the school website and on the fortnightly newsletter. 

Meeting Minutes 2023-24

 Meeting Minutes 2022-23