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The Governing Body has the general responsibility to see that the School is being effectively managed to meet the needs of the pupils, the proper expectations of the parents and the interests of the wider community. In particular they are responsible for all teaching appointments and setting the school's budget. As St. Paul's is a church school, St. Paul’s Church and Southwark Diocesan Board of Education appoint a majority of the Governors. In addition, there are Governors representing the teaching and non-teaching staff, the parents and the local Education Authority. At present four parents are on the Governing Body, so they are well represented.
As St. Paul's is a Voluntary Aided school, the Governors are responsible for the school buildings and for any maintenance and alterations to it. They must also carry out all the external maintenance and repairs. In practice, the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education, together with a grant from the Secretary of State, meets most of these requirements. But the grant, by law, only covers 90% of the costs of maintaining the buildings and the Governors are required to find the remaining 10%. This puts us, as a Voluntary Aided School, in a different position from non-church schools, and is the price we pay for being an Aided Church School
Since 1998 the Governors have asked if parents would be willing to make a donation (currently £42.00 per family) towards the scheme. The Hon. Treasurer of the Governors writes to the parents of all children starting at St. Paul's to explain the scheme and to invite their help. The contributions from parents are greatly appreciated and we would not be able to make continued improvements to the school buildings and grounds without them.

Luke Wickings
Chair of Governors

Governing Body, as at September 2018:

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Name Category of Governor
Luke Wickings Foundation (Chair)
Kathryn Hemming Head Teacher
Sharon Griffin Staff Governor
Stephen Cabrera Foundation
Margaret Thompson Foundation
Edward Brunskill Foundation
Sandra Holdsworth Foundation
Andrew Goodgame LA (Vice Chair)
Neil Herring Parent 
Peter Shirley Parent
Fay McPhereson  

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