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Reception Class
Reception Yearly overview

Autumn 1

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Magical Me

Autumn 2

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Let's Celebrate

Spring 1

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Who Can Help?

Homework Task Sheet 

Spring 2

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Once Upon a Time

Homework Task Sheet

Homework Sheet

Summer  1

A walk on the wild Side


Summer 2

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We begin our year in September with a staggered entry; this supports the children to settle quickly and allows staff to spend time with each child. During the first few weeks at school the children will be getting to know their new teachers, classroom and routines. The Reception staff greet the children and parents every morning at the decking doors. This offers opportunity to let the staff know if there are any messages or concerns. If you need to talk to the class teacher about any issues which will take longer than a couple of minutes please make an appointment to meet after school to discuss any concerns in private.
In Reception the curriculum is based upon a play based curriculum. The children need to continue to develop Personal, Social and Emotional skills that are vital life skill. Children will learn to negotiate, share and take turns and how to make friends. The curriculum is split into Prime areas which are Personal, Social and Emotional development, Physical development and communication and language development. These are seen as vital to a child’s development and education. Alongside these areas are specific areas, these include literacy, maths, understanding of the world and exploring media and materials. We teach the children their letters and sounds and use the DFE letters and sounds document. The children will learn to read and write and basic number skills to ensure they are ready for year 1.
During the year we will go on many trips which fit with current learning. Some of the trips we may go on are Wisley Gardens, the theatre, the library, St Paul’s Church; as well having in school visits from nurses, police officers, and fire officers.
Please ensure your child has their water bottle, book bag and reading books and reading record with them each day. It is really important that every item of clothing is clearly named to ensure all jumpers, cardigans, coats and uniform get back to the correct child. Red class has weekly PE sessions and will need their PE kits in school during their first week of starting school. Please ensure all PE kit is named. Red class have weekly swimming lessons for the whole of summer term, more details will be given nearer the time.

How can you help?

Supporting phonics and reading at home

Please use the links below with your child to practise their segmenting and blending.

Phonics Play

Select Phase 2 in Autumn term and Phase 3 after Christmas.

Picnic on Pluto 

Dragon's Den

Buried Treasure


Supporting your child's reading at home- Book Trust (other languages available on their website)


Phonics Workshop for parents- PPT

Click here for the sound mats we use in class.

Initial sounds mat.

Phase 3 sound mat.

Recommended Reading

Please find below a link to a recommended reading list for your child's class.

Recommended Reading

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