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Our aim is to offer a rich, varied and exciting curriculum which ensures that all children make excellent progress.  We have designed a creative curriculum which is broad and balanced and meets the needs, attitudes and interests of the children. 

The creative curriculum is based around exciting, motivating themes and learning opportunities for all children. Our aim is to create explicit, meaningful links across subjects whilst ensuring successful skills progression across the school and on to the children's next stage of education.

The curriculum provides opportunities for developing children’s skills and strategies for independent thinking, collaboration, leadership, questionning, problem solving and imagination.  We aim to provide a range of practical experiences both inside and outside the classroom, making the most of our school, local community and opportunities further afield.

Our homework policy aims to develop children's independent learning skills further. The children are set a range of tasks for every half term, which they complete weekly. These are linked to their theme and the children have the choice of when to complete each task. There is always a two week project which allows the children to explore their theme in greater depth. Children are set weekly maths, spellings and reading tasks alongside their themed activities. Work is completed in a book which is handed in on Tuesday and sent home again on Thursday. This allows constant communication between the teacher, child and their parents.



Please read the following booklet to see how we teach Literacy at St. Paul's This also contains a handy glossary of technical terms and expectations for each year group.




Please read the following booklet to see how we teach mathematics at St. Paul's This also contains a spellings list and expectations for each year group.




At St. Paul's we very much believe in growth mindset and this threads through every aspect of our learning. Each class has a learning motto which links to growth mindset, and the displays all around the school are regularly referred to by the staff and children. We believe that praising effort, over achievement, has a longer lasting effect on pupils success. Please look through the link below to learn more.




We know, at St. Paul's, that we have the power to achieve, depending on how much effort we put into our work. Children are able to motivate themselves to work independently, including at home.

We encourage all children to put 100% effort into all of their work, whether it is performing a dance, solving a maths puzzle or writing a poem.

We allow time in lessons for pupils to look through their work, self-assess and think about what they are proud of, what they could improve and what additional help they might need in order to produce their best work.

Pupil often work with Learning Partners to look at work together, peer-assess and agree what could be the next steps in making it better.

Every term pupils have a meeting with their class teacher to discuss their learning: what is going well, what their next steps are and what help is needed.

All children write a section as part of their end of year report. In Key Stage Two pupils attend Parents' Evening and so they are part of the conversation about their learning.


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